On The War of Art

On Sunday I downloaded Steve Pressfield’s The War of Art and finished reading it 2 nights.  It is a powerful book.  More than a book, it is a provocation, it is a push.  It forces you to get out there.  I haven’t read anything like this.  It is not about process.  It is not a how-to.  It is not a sob story.  It strictly takes you from Point A to Point B.  Out there.  You either do it or you don’t.

The things I want to do in my life:

  1. achieve moksha
  2. be a powerful writer
  3. be a successful professional curator  / catalyst / researcher
  4. learn to do 2 + 3 well enough to command my own hours and projects
  5. raise a beautiful family
  6. be a wonderful wife to my husband
  7. be a source of positivity and radiance and inspiration for my friends and family
  8. bring people together in happy ways
  9. record memories
  10. live a beautiful life

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