Thinking vs. Doing

Every day without fail I spend about 15 minutes to an hour thinking about my goals, writing about my goals, and thinking about how to be productive that very day.  Today, I’m reading this post on being prolific and this rather operational how-to to get started.  

The thing I can’t get over is the sheer anxiety of having talked about this stuff that I am supposed to do, but haven’t actually done.  The sheer anxiety of deadlines, and just not knowing how/where to start.  But I’m thinking this whole not knowing how/where to start business is a part of the anxiety.  Many times this year I’ve tried to abandon my dreams, but they haunt me.  

Thinking about this is no longer OK.  It’s gotta happen.  There is only a set amount of time we get on this planet.  There is only a set amount of time we get where people are listening and waiting for us to ship.  After that, we’re just there.  We can go back to comfort food and TV, we can go back to this hot new restaurant or that one.  I want this.  I am going to go after this right now.  Nothing else makes sense.




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