En Medias Res

Yes, I went through a bit of a jam.  A break with my everyday reality.  It was scary, but I jumped from my full-time job to pursue my passion wholeheartedly.  I’m in, you know.  But I’d been inert, comatose, and inexpressive for so long.  For so long, a part of me remained so silent.  And the other part of me, so creative, bubbly, and vibrant.

Here I am again.  Dedicating myself to the craft.  I can’t find my copy of Elements of Style.  I might have put it back in the boxes…again, as I await the perfect moment, for the perfect bookshelf, for the perfect room.  I’ve given up perfection for real.  Well, what do you know?  The universe does want me to succeed.  Amazon’s offering a free kindle copy of the book!

These past few months I’ve been reading a lot.  Reading books about self-development, international development and theory, literary journalism.  Less blogs and such.  I even started a book club!  I am coming up with a content strategy for a few of my new endeavors…to build momentum, you know?  To become prolific.

I am writing, you know, but just not here.  I’m writing proposals (to win support and money), content strategies (to earn value), correspondence, academic papers…

Why am I so hell-bent on writing here?  What is it?  I think I just want to have a space where I can practice the art of becoming a writer.  Test literary ideas.  Share stories of my endeavor. Commune with the literary soul of the world wide web…you know, with my tribe…of writers.

(c) Image by Mikolette


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