On Organization

I’ve spent over 10 hours today planning. Thinking. Reading. Thinking. Planning. Plotting. Not writing.

Yes, I did my Morning Pages, yes, I planned out my next 10 writing projects. Then I did research, then did some more, then downloaded Scrivener, then found how-to guides, then read some more. Then faced self-doubt, and the eventual, “What does this all mean? Why am I doing all of this!.”

Just so you know, I am not only an aspiring writer, I am an aspiring PhD applicant, aspiring Fullbright applicant, in the process of finishing 2 journal articles (based on my master’s thesis), aspiring freelance writer, aspiring to maintain a regular blog, aspiring to help a local organization with setting up a blog, aspiring book author, aspiring business launcher (requires me to spend time blogging), aspiring family blogger (as a way to share how awesome my life is with my husband), aspiring recipes blogger (as a way to stay connected to family).  <sigh>

This is in addition to my full-time job where I, pretty much, write.

My Personal Writing Goals

Short-term projects (focus on one thing daily)

  1. Monday – Work blogpost
  2. Tuesday – Move the needle on Journal Article
  3. Wednesday – Personal blogpost
  4. Thursday – Draft Essay
  5. Friday – Personal blogpost or guestpost
  6. Saturday – Send out a Query
  7. Sunday – Journal Article

1-month plan:

  1. Finish my Fullbright Essay
  2. Know for sure why I want to get a PhD
  3. Have a list of 5 places that I want to go
  4. Have submitted 2 Journal Articles
  5. Have sent out 5 Queries
  6. Have committed to and delivered on at least 1 guestpost offer
  7. Blogging weekly @ work
  8. Blogging weekly for my own site
  9. Business Case Study for an online business

3-month plan:

  1. Final essays for graduate school are done / get input by trusted critical advisors
  2. Final Fullbright Application is done / get input by trusted critical friends
  3. Send out 1 Query every week
  4. Blog a few times a week for work
  5. Blog nearly daily for either my own site or my husband + I’s site
  6. Weekly guestpost
  7. Spend a day and upload a ton of recipes on family site and get the blog going
  8. Spend two days and get business website going / get help from a WordPress genius
  9. Spend two days and get non-profit site going and in the hands of a maintainer / WordPress genius

1-year plan:

  1. Blogging regularly –  self, family, work, guest
  2. Can write every day – rain or shine – by getting up and delivering brilliant content
  3. Staying on top of writing projects
  4. have an online business


Part of me feels like I have too many writing projects…

  • the professional stuff: I think it’s important for me to do it.  I’ve put it off for 3 years thinking, nah, it’s not for me.  I am not meant to put my own out there in the academic sphere, but each year I get new evidence and nudges that tell me otherwise.
  • the work stuff: The knowledge economy is all about ideas.  You achieve independence, garner the respect of clients, like-minded researchers, and others by sharing your ideas.   Blogging well-written posts is one of the easiest ways to get better at sharing your ideas, one micro-idea at a time.
  • family blog:  I love the blog my husband and I have… we just update it from time to time when we take a nice trip or do a picnic or have a friend in town.
  • personal blog:  This blog is on my homepage, I just keep to talk about what I’m working on at work and outside of work volunteering, visiting exhibits, things I find interesting in my industry, or a response to something I read… This is the blog that got me going, but I am not sure I need it.  Maybe I can just have a business-card website.
  • the business site:  this is a wellness company I want to start.  Not sure how others do it.  Do they wireframe a site, develop some content / write the posts, and hire a WordPress genius to make it happen??  This is something I really want to do… but I have been putting it off because of all of the above. 
  • the recipe site:  my cousin and I had this idea to do a recipe posterous to share family recipes, and eventually make a book out of it.  I started it, but haven’t posted in over a year.  What are some easier ways to do this?  Any tips?  Maybe I should actually just call all of my family members one by one starting with my grandmother, ask them for their favorite recipe and a photo if they have it, and then put together an actual book.

Yes, I realize this is a lot.  Any advice would be appreciated.